Regular check ups with our doctors and dentists keeps us updated on our physical and dental health. However, when it comes to our financial health, who do we check with? Most of us neglect this aspect of our lives despite the important role it plays in our overall well-being. So, why not have a better picture of how healthy you are financially with a background check for yourself.

When it comes to background screenings, most people think that it applies mainly for recruitment of staff, partnerships and tenancy agreements. But not many would think of having a background screen done on yourself. Here are five reasons why a background screening on yourself is a good idea!

1. Understand your financial health

A simple self-check could provide you insight into your financial health, as the report would indicate if an individual is in debt, or bankrupt. On top of job applications, it can also be a useful credibility tool if you were to obtain a loan for a new car or house as a similar report is also often used by banks to evaluate a potential borrower. The report would showcase how reliable a person is in managing debts and credit.

2. It can help build your credibility for future employers

For the most part, background screenings and the employment process go hand-in-hand. If you want to impress your potential employers, a background screening report could just be the ticket to get the job as providing the report can be a token of trust and can help establish your trustworthiness.

3. Correct inaccuracies about yourself

When undergoing the employment process, some people might feel blindsided when they lose a job opportunity due to certain rumours and misinformation about them that have been made available publicly. One of the ways to rectify this is to ensure this doesn’t happen to you by engaging a trustable background screening company to help disprove such claims and provide a written report as evidence.

4. To prevent or catch identity theft

Regular background screenings on yourself can be like health checks. Instead of checking for cancer markers, a self-screen can help you highlight potential identity thefts. With our information made increasingly available online, this threat has become very real. Regular checks would help identify unknown debts or criminal convictions that were unknowingly credited to you. By being able to nip these issues in the bud, you can notify the authorities quickly and prevent yourself from receiving a bad credit score before it is too late.

5. Take control of your information

Finally, instead of leaving a loan application or a nice new job in the hands of fate, a background check on yourself helps you take control of your information as you would be informed of how your report is written, have the ability to correct inaccuracies and highlight any red flags that you should address.