Criminality/Local Integrity Check

Description and limitation of employment screening services.

Checks Conducted in Malaysia only

Description and limitation of
employement screening services. Checks
Conducted in Malaysia only

Verification Process

The individual’s name and NRIC are verified against publicly and legally available information provided by Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM), the Malaysian Courts, media records and proprietary database which consist of criminal records found in public news and records.


Possible Match Found
No Match Found

With the new enforcement of PDPA in November 15th 2013, criminal check results will now yield “Possible Match Found” or “No Match Found”.

Suggested Follow-up

In the event of a Possible Match Found and if the individual claims that the case has been resolved and/or challenges the accuracy of the result, it is suggested that he/she gets a clearance letter from the Police Department.


Limited to serious offences mostly. Updating of public records is conducted on a periodic basis with no set specific frequency (e.g. monthly or quarterly), so results may not reflect very recent cases. Records of on-going cases may also not be entirely updated, so closed/resolved cases may not come up during the records search.