Description and limitation of employment screening services.

Checks Conducted in Malaysia only

Description and limitation of
employement screening services. Checks
Conducted in Malaysia only

Verification Process

This check verifies if the individual name is listed in any of the various public domains, reputable mainstream media both online and offline for adverse information.


No Record or Match Found.

Suggested Follow-up

In the event of a Match Found and if the individual (subject) challenges the accuracy of the result, it is suggested that he/she rectify directly with the organization/regulatory body/non-regulatory body/enforcement agency/media that we received the information from.


This check is mainly a name search based on the individual’s actual name on his/her ID or passport. It will not be able to verify any nicknames or popularly known as names. The system will only check for “adverse” information on the name given with mainstream media (online and offline) and publications.