Employee Screening Report

RM 190.00 Price:

Ever been disappointed with the staff that you hired? Are you unsure about your manager's qualifications?

Verity's Employee Screening Report helps business owners, HR and recruiters screen and verify if the candidate you just shortlisted is as good as he/she claims to be.

The Low Risk Employee Screening Report is great for almost anyone in the company.

  Required documents: Copy of NRIC and Signed Consent Letter
 Normal Turnaround Time: 5 Business Days upon submission of consent letter Express Turnaround Time: 1 Day (+RM100)
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RM 190.00 Price:

Want to hire with confidence and be sure that the person you are hiring or hired is really who they claim to be? Want to know if they can really do the job? Most organizations are not aware that screening their candidate or employee is possible, affordable and necessary.

Most business owners, HR or recruiters assume that a simple reference check is sufficient when it comes to screening the candidate before they hire. However, there are many more things that they tend to overlook or are not aware of.


Fear not. Verity's Employee Screening Report will help mitigate the risk of hiring and help you hire more confidently. Stop wasting your money and time training someone who lied in their resume and interview. Find out how we can help you.

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