Self Check Report

RM 190.00 Price:

Having trouble looking for a job? How can you differentiate yourself from the other job seekers?

Legitamise yourself and your credentials through a simple check. By supplementing your resume/CV with a Verity's Self Check Report you could stand out in the crowd of job seekers with a detailed profile at your discretion.

  Required documents: Copy of NRIC and Signed Consent Letter
 Normal Turnaround Time: 5 Business Days upon submission of consent letter Express Turnaround Time: 1 Day (+RM100)
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RM 190.00 Price:

There is a huge gap between the number of jobseekers versus the number of available jobs. Competing against so many other job seekers is stressful and time is often not on your side. How can you stand out from the rest and display a competitive advantage against so many other job seekers?


Verity Intelligence's Self Check Report gives you an opportunity to show your potential employer or interviewer that you have taken proactive steps to show that you are serious about getting that job. With all your records are verified by a third party, rest assured that you can present your most professional and best self to the table. The Self Check Report is also a great tool for job seekers because it gives you the chance to confirm or correct your records before you meet your next employer.