Tenant Screening Report

RM 190.00 Price:

What worries you the most when you rent or lease your property, apartment, condominium, shop, office, factory or land?

Verity's Tenant Screening Report gives property owners and landlords that peace of mind when they rent or lease their property to potential tenants.

  Required documents: Copy of NRIC and Signed Consent Letter
 Normal Turnaround Time: 5 Business Days upon submission of consent letter Express Turnaround Time: 1 Day (+RM100)
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RM 190.00 Price:

Investing in a property is usually very exciting and profitable. Upon investing in a property, many investors are usually excited about getting the property rented out as soon as possible. As most property investor are primarily concerned with rental yields the last thing you need is renting your property to someone who will not be able to fulfill their rental or lease jeopardizing your property investment yield.

Did you know that in Malaysia, the process evicting someone takes at least 9 months. That doesn't even incude collecting the back rent and taking them to civil court to collect. If the person is caught for conducting any criminal activities, the police can cordone the property for as long as the case is not closed. This may take years and you will still need to fulfill your obligation if you bought the property on loan.


Fear not. Verity's Tenant Screening Report will be able to reduce your worries and give you that peace of mind to rent out your property by verifying some crucial background and personal information about that person or company you intend to rent to.

for 5 reasons why you need to screen your potential tenants.